System requirements


  • Firebird 1.5 or higher. Frext depends on specific features from the 1.5 version, namely transaction id and dynamic SQL
  • Java JRE 1.4 or higher. Frext is built upon Java so it needs the runtime engine to execute
  • Jaybird 2.01 or higher. Jaybird is a Java JDBC-driver, providing access from Java to Firebird.
info.png Operating Systems: because Frext is running on Java, Frext runs everywhere where the specified Java version is running on (Linux, Microsoft Windows, OpenBSD, etc.); Frext is therefore OS-independent.

Database structure

  • Homogeneous table structures. This means that tables which are to be replicated must have the same structure, i.e. same table name and field names. This can be limited to the replicated fields only, because Frext allows you to replicate only a limited set of fields
  • No more than five key fields per table. It is unlikely that there are more than five key fields present in one or more tables. If so, this is surely a case of over normalization.
info.png Because Linux has a case-sensitive file-system, the name of the folders where messages are placed must be all in lower case